The World of Foundations

According to Giving USA 2014 Annual Report, of the $335.17 billion given to charity in 2013 in the USA, over $50 billion was granted from philanthropic foundations to registered tax exempt non-profits. Of these grants, organizations providing services in the areas of religion, health, human services and education received the greatest amount of funding. Giving by foundations increased by 5.7% from the previous year.

However, obtaining funding from foundations is far from simple. Most foundations do not publicize their activites, budget expenditure or their decision making processes. In contrast, organizations requesting assistance are required to provide extensive information to prove that they are responsible and open for inspections. This inconsistency makes it difficult to identify foundations and then to present them in a way which is likely to pique the foundations interest. Mercaz L’Geus Kesafim links the non-profit with foundations that share their mission and goals, and allow them to tap into this source of funding. Our proven experience and intricate knowledge of the fundraising world helps organizations side step the “hidden element” of foundation fundraising. Through our trageted image building, management guidance and writing expertise, organizations can unlock the world of foundation funding and ultimately access greater resources in order to join the ranks of those who call philanthropic foundations their partners.

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