Our Service

Mercaz L’Geus Kesafim helps you, the non-profit organization, construct a fundraising strategy targeted to philanthropic foundations throughout the world. We navigate you through the multifaceted grant writing process, leading you to the hundreds of sources of undiscovered funding which can benefit your non-profit organization for years to come. 


Why Choose Us?
    • Take Back Your Time: As the Director of a busy non-profit organization, your main concern must always be on providing for the vital needs of your community. We take care of the pressure and paperwork involved in grant writing, while your cause reaps the benefits.


    • Let Our Experience Work For You: Mercaz L’Geus Kesafim has worked with undreds of non-profit organizations and has submitted requests for a diverse range of projects. Throughout our experience, we have gained a “tried and true” perspective into the processes of US philanthropic foundations.


    • Dollars and “Sense”: Rather than hiring new staff employees and providing them with salaries and benefits, our talented staff will provide you with professionalism and quality service – without breaking the bank.


  • Gaining the Strength of a Team: Grant writing done right requires a team of highly trained and professional writers, researchers and case managers. Mercaz L’Geus Kesafim already has the staff in place and can give you the strength of a team.

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