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Mercaz L'Geus Kesafim is one of Israel's leading grant writing companies. Since 2004, we have facilitated hundreds of non-profit organizations with targeted fundraising strategies in order to increase their access to funding. We offer guidance, grant writing services, and help you build a public image that appeal to the mission of granting foundations.

Mercaz L'Geus Kesafim helps your non-profit to increase funding, so that you can further develop and grow, allowing you to broaden your contribution to the community. Our individualized approach provides you with step by step guidance through identifying, communicating with, and forging a relationship with philanthropic foundations.

Our broad range of exceptional and dedicated clients are working to make a difference in the areas of Jewish identity, education, welfare, medicine, culture, higher education and more. From universities to hospitals, centers for special needs, yeshivas, organization for welfare and senior support, Mercaz L'Geus Kesafim is committed to helping our clients make that difference.

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